Realize that their business model is 90% of their success.

System Strategy

Have effecient and streamlined system strategies.

Prime The Pump

They consitently prime the pump and make things happen.

"ME" Signature Process

They work with pre-determined planned processes.

REGISTER BEFORE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th AT 5:00 PM To receive one full hour strategy session (Free!) - ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

The process of getting your business to the top and on the map has never been easier with this step by step process to setting yourself and your buisness up to attract all the clients you want! Get your ticket today so you can benefit from the complimentary one hour session that is completely (Free!).   

Sure anyone can start a business, however only the top 1% are actually doing what it takes to make it to the top. If you are sick and tired of the mediocre results you have been getting so far in your business, then the CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR is most definitely for you! 




For more than 16 years, I have worked behind the scenes helping business owners, from various industries, create powerful brands, effective strategies and help them completely set up their business and marketing systems for success. All that I have learned has been nicely packaged in this online 7 week self-study training program, now available to you at a fraction of the cost.

In The Conscious Entrepreneur, you will become acutely aware of all the potential that lies within your business, and just to add more value, the action prompts throughout this program will help you set up the most powerful and effective foundation for you business.


  • Give you the must-have business tools you need to support your business growth.
  • Show you exactly what all the successful entrepreneurs are doing – no funnel fluff here!
  • Guide you through the process of attracting, impressing and converting all the clients you can handle.


You will receive a weekly email with your instruction videos, assignements and resources. I have conveniently positioned this program in such a way that you can work at your own pace, on your own time and wherever you like. You will also be invited to join our Private Facebook group where you can engage, learn and grow with other members of the program.

Week 1 – The Conscious Mindset

✔️  Gain access to a repeatable step-by-step process and put yourself into a vibrational frequency to receive, consistently lining yourself up to put things in motion;

✔️  Teach you how to determine exactly what is blocking your success and show you how to shift into rebellion mode so you can conquer them once and for all;

✔️  Discover the power of decision and see how you can come back to this high frequency vibe and experience transformative results at any given time.

Week 2 – Choosing The Right Business Model

✔️  Improve the clarity and focus in your business by identifying all the resources needed to build a life long successful business. I will litterally walk you through every step of this process, leaving no stones unturned;

✔️  Gain some flexibility and ease for planning and tweaking your business model using a single page digital document;

✔️  Become so transparent that others who are important to your business will be more likely to buy into your vision. Essentially leaving you with a well rounded business model that everyone respects and will cherish for years to come.

Week 3 – Identifying Your Picture-Perfect Client

✔️  Help you effectively understand who and what makes up your picture-perfect client so you can build your entire business and begin attracting and serving a more defined targeted audience; 

✔️  Guide you to creating an initial value proposition that can be used thoughout your marketing communications. Gain a clear understanding of your own personal "Why Us" hypothesis;

✔️  Provide you with a powerful visual and process to help you define every aspect you can about your ideal client(s) and keep them top of mind every single day.

Week 4 – The Most Powerful System Strategy

✔️  Give you the must-have tools to build a business that works predictibly and profitably every day... Even while you sleep! I will show you exactly what you need to build your very own  "Marketing Engine" for your business;

✔️  Show you how to leverage multiple channels and create a consistent brand presence all while expanding your communications throughout email, Facebook, blogging and more;

✔️  I will personally walk you though many of the ways that automated marketing can make your life as a conscious entrepreneur much easier, how it can save you time, money and make your business more efficient than ever.

Week 5 – Overcoming Website Shame

✔️  From a clear description of who you are to the obvious call-to-action and everything in between, I will walk you through all the essential details that every small business website must have for it to become a client-magnet and most effective business tool;

✔️  Show you how to effectively employ the magics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I will teach you all the best paractices  that I have learned to correctly use keywords throughout your content, add effective page titles and URL's so, you too, can leverage the power of the Internet for your business; 

✔️  Help you gather all the information you need to effectively track and evaluate visitor interaction, page performance and so much more. This valuable information will allow you to fine tune your website so that every page becomes an automatic converting machine.

Week 6 – The Perfect Ads 

✔️  Teach you the most effective four step process to creating online and offline advertising that will increase conversions and help you attract more of the right people to your website. This process can literally be used to create blogs, landing pages, email marketing campaigns and any other type of marketing communciations;  

✔️  Show you my top five FREE resources for choosing pictures that attract, engage and encourage people to click through to the next step in your sales process;

✔️  Guide you through creating an irresistible offer will elicit a specific reaction, evoke a certain emotion and encourage your prospecst to engage with an effective call to action. Your prospects instantly think that you can read their mind, hear their heart and feel their pain which will allow them to naturally flow through your marketing process.

Week 7 – Client Onboarding process

✔️  Explain how you can set the tone for your new clients once you have closed a sale. I will walk you through 3 proven practices that I have learned and continue to use to ensure new clients feel valued and appreciated even before we get started. You will be able to easily implement these practices in your business too; 

✔️  Show you how you can create an easy automated email sequence that will help to nurture and create raving fans in your new client so they naturally spread the word about how great the experience of dealing with your business is;

✔️  Introduce your to the idea of a welcome and exit package to help you gather any and all pertinent information to gather winning case studies, success stories and/or testimonials.

BONUS –"Marketing Engine" Signature Process

✔️ Gain access to our own secret recipe to attracting all the clients you could ever want. You will get your hands on the exact strategy we use in our own business to drive thousands to our website. Get your hands on this and your business colleagues will be left wondering wonder how you got all this momentum going in your business.

REGISTER BEFORE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th AT 5:00 PM To receive one full hour strategy session (Free!) - ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

The process of getting your business to the top and on the map has never been easier with this step by step process to setting yourself and your buisness up to attract all the clients you want! Get your ticket today so you can benefit from the complimentary one hour session that is completely (Free!).   


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Who Should Sign Up

First-Time Business Owners

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make. You may also be looking for secret tricks that are being used by already successful business owners. In this program, I assure you you will leave feeling more confident and know exactly what you need to do to get your business off the ground running. 

Business Owner in Survival Mode
Self-Driven, Self-Motivated Business Owner
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