This is probably the question I get asked the most often, "How can I drive more traffic to my website?" I decided to create a special download that can get you started, but first, it is important for you to ensure everything is in working order so that when you do drive traffic to your website, you will be in a position to guide your visitors through a systematic process. One that will encourage them to do something like join you mailing list, join your private group, purchase one of your products or sign up for a free discovery session. Whatever you process you decide, it is important for it to be clear and create the best experience for your visitors who are essential your potential clients/customers.  

Things do not have to be 100% perfect for you to start working on this, but it is important for you to understand that this process does take some time. Through trial and error things will start to happen for you, but  you do have to be patient. This I think is something that most experts don't talk about or share. We are lead to believe that in todays technological world, that we can gain traction and make a killing really fast online. Although this can be true, it is not the norm. Every successful business owner has been EXACTLY where you are right now, and if they are reaching their targets, it is because they worked at properly setting up their system. Tried different tactics and are using the ones that work best for them. 


The headline is most likely the most important part of your content. This is what encourages visitors to your website or those who see your ads to want to read further or take the next step in your client attraction process. Without a compelling headline, even the best offer will go unseen, the best blog content unread and even worse cause a visitor to your website to bounce off your page.  

My team and I always use the AIDA Model as part of our content development process and development. AIDA is a four step model that has been around for several years, as early as the 1800's and many are using this process without even realizing it. An acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, this model is mostly used to create effective advertisements, but I always recommend it for blog creation, web page content development, creating irresistible offers and any other type of marketing communication. Using this method will allow you to communicate with clients/customers in a way that better responds to their needs and their desires. Consider this blog a guide which will walk you through the process of using this very effective model. Adopt this for your business communications and see your results dramatically improve.