Hard to believe that already 30 days have passed, but I did it! What a feeling it is to have done 30 live presentations on Facebook. Actually 31 with the introduction of my son Vincent.  I went against many people who advised me that 30 days is way too long for a challenge. Namely too long to execute it daily without missing a beat, and tool long because most people will likely drop out of the process before it is finished.  Being the stubborn, disciplined person that I am, I stuck to my guns. Throughout the process, I think at about day 13, I felt like an athlete who was halfway to his or her finish line, I am sure they feel exactly like I did, that they MUST continue to make it to the end so they accomplish their goal and keep their support system happy. Well it was no different for me. Every single day, I started my day writing two emails, one French, one English, then recorded two videos to accompany those emails and straight after a live presentation on Facebook. Sometimes I talked to myself (lol) sometimes there were a few people, but every time something awesome happened! 

This is the only way I can describe the feeling I had before my new website existed, like a hair dresser with bad hair.  Have you ever seen a hair dresser with bad hair? I haven't, and if I did, it was most likely a specific style she/he chose for self-expression... similar to the rockstar in this image (lol). I love that his glasses and overall image totally fit with my brand colours... don't you? 

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting my new website, www.marketingengine.ca, to the world and I have to say, that I am really stoked about it. It is a basic presence that plays out all the rules of Direct and Indirect Response Marketing very well. There is still some tweaking needed here and there, some videos to be added and ongoing evaluation and testing to see how effective this new presence will actually be, however I feel it is important to share the feelings I have at this particular moment as well as the feelings I had previously. First though, I have to have a little rant and get something off my chest...