One of the most critical things a practice must do within its marketing processes is to find ways to engage with patients and to encourage them to share their experience with their friends, families and colleagues. Within your practice, processes and systems can be put in place to encourage staff to take pictures of happy patients and ask them to share on social media.

Social media offers a very cost effective means of keeping the conversation going once your patients walk out of your office. This is a very important step that can sometimes feel overwhelming and is why most private practices shy away from social media. They are either afraid something will go wrong, or most importantly, they aren’t sure how to fit social media into their already packed days! While these concerns are 100% valid, there are way too many benefits to becoming active.

Here are just a few benefits:

Improved/streamlined patient engagement & customer service: Social media bridges the gap and connects you to your patients directly. You can answer questions, address concerns and resolve disputes. Your practice will be found to be approachable and transparent;

Reach new patients: Your practice is most likely not the only one in town and that means leveraging social media to keep in touch with current patients and reach new ones is a very smart move in deed! Patients are using Google more and more to find healthcare professionals, they rely on the referrals from their friends, families and colleagues as well and much of this is done on Social Media. A well thought out social media strategy will keep you current, active and most importantly ahead of the game.

Show what makes your practice unique:
Being active on Social Media offers a great opportunity to show your unique personality and helps to build character and credibility among your patients. Great posts can help you gain more visibility and encourage patients to choose you over the competition.

Demonstrate brand and practice values: Sharing content that showcases your practices culture will allow more individuals to learn more about who you are, what you do and how you treat your patients. In this segment, one way to showcase culture is through pictures and testimonials that can be shared throughout social media and be used to shine a positive light on your practice.

No matter what you have heard, or what you have seen out there on Social Media, it is critical for your practice to be out there, to be active and to join in on the conversations. With that said, we understand how challenging this can be given how busy you already are with clinical treatments, procedure and care, and on top of that there is management and everything else that is involved in running a practice, that’s why we have set up a mentorship program that has the potential to completely take the overwhelm out and help you build a thriving practice that is primarily focused on patients!