Writing this post today, it almost feels as though I have been marketing all my life, and in some ways, I guess I have been. These days, I spend a lot of time encouraging private practitioners to adopt a new way of thinking, essentially a new attitude about Marketing. Many feel that marketing is deceptive and manipulative. Some absolutely hate selling and feel they are being intrusive when trying to promote their products and/or services. Others, feel so overwhelmed with everything that is marketing, they have decided to rely on word of mouth as their one and only marketing strategy.

In this article, I will attempt to turn the tides sort of speak. To encourage you to open your mind and your heart to what Marketing is all about. If “Love” comes to mind for you right now, you are one hundred percent right! Successful marketers take the time to step into the shoes of their patients, and the good news is that, as a practitioner, you already know what their challenges are and what it is they aspire to achieve. With that knowledge come a massive amount of power. Add in a sincere caring attitude and BAM! You’ve got “Authentic Marketing”! This completely changes the whole scene by taking all the overwhelm and transforming it into fun, excitement and inner knowing that it is worth the effort.

Authentic Marketing comes to life when we are true to our personal values and goal to make as much of a positive impact as we can in the lives of our clients and/or patients. From the environment created to the staff that is hired to the overall communication and treatments/procedure processes, attitudes rub off on everyone who interacts with your practice. To build a thriving practice means being 100% patient focused, making every single patient feel like they are VIP status every time they walk in the door, make an appointment or interact with us on social media etc.

I once read an article about a dental practice who went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to creating the absolute best experience for their patients. They added different amenities that were quite impressive; A massage chair was in the waiting room, a gift card was given to every patient who waited longer than necessary, and even a taxi service for non-driving patients, just to name a few. None of these amenities relate to the dental practice industry, however, this thinking outside of the box gives their patients something to talk about and maybe even makes them look forward to their next dental appointment. How cool is that? Let’s take a second and look at a few of the things Google does for their employees; Employees can eat every meal at work for free, they can stay fit with the on-site gyms and free workout classes; Each Google office has highly-trained massage therapists to help them relax. So very cool! Happy employees have great attitudes which can be felt, admired and loved by everyone concerned.

In the end, Marketing is about building relationships, and this is done by making each person, each client and/or patient we interact with feel as amazing as humanly possible every single time. I love speaking about this topic during workshops and conferences because with all that is going on today, it is easy to forget the basics, so easy to get wrapped up in all the chaos, and equally easy to forget to be “authentically you”

How does your practice go about creating the absolute best patient experiences?