“YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE” This statement is, without a doubt, completely and totally false!

“YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE” This statement is, without a doubt, completely and totally false!


As I surf around on social media daily, I consistently see marketing “experts” promising the moon while at the same time repeating over and over that “You” do not need a website. I am not sure who “You” is, but I or this blog would not do you justice if I were to repeat those words as confidently as I have heard them.

The way I see a website is as the central hub for all your marketing efforts. It has always been and always will be your online store or for my target audience, your online practice! When patients are seeking a new healthcare or wellness provider, 90% of the time, they will begin their journey digitally. That means they will likely first search online for, let’s say, dentists who provide a specific type of treatment in their local community. Within their search, they could get up to 20 or more practitioners depending on where they live. Next, they will want to check out the website to see if it resonates with them and/or speaks to their needs, their pains and their desires. They could also be referred by a friend, colleague or family member, but for sure, if they are interested, they will want to look at your website first before they make the call.

Whether from word of mouth, social media, or search engines, patients are better informed and empowered than ever before. So, don’t be fooled by the “YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE” theory. It is, without a doubt, completely and totally false!

In my opinion, your website is the most efficient business tool you will ever have. Not only does it have the potential to improve the overall experience for your patients, it can also provide some valuable information as you create and further build on your online presence. The potentials are endless when it comes to properly developed websites. The problem is that most the websites I see online have forgotten some of the most important marketing rules of all times and therefore is likely one of the biggest reasons why these “experts” are saying you don’t need one.

Your website must provide the information a patient needs to make the decision to schedule that appointment. If the content is relevant, it will make those visiting your website feel seen, heard and most importantly understood. The more you can connect with your prospects on a human level, the better the chances of a connection being made. If the patient is ready for your services and treatments now, they will make that call, if not, they will sign up to be part of your community, whether it be through entering your email database or connect with you on whichever social media platform you use most often. The key is to get it right from the beginning. The only way to do that is to work with a reputable company that knows what they are doing, understands the way the Internet works and can provide you with exactly what you need to get a return and more from that initial investment.

The best websites I have seen are the ones who have been developed by a creative team. This includes a designer, a programmer, and a marketing expert. However, the most important part of the creative team (which is not often talked about) is “You” the client and you must always, always be the “LEAD” of that project. You have the vision and you know the patients you want to work with. The best advice I can give you is to be present and part of every stage of your website development. After all, no one knows your business and your practice better than you. Your creative team will guide you through the process and take care of all that is technical, your part is letting them know what you like, don’t like and ensure that the culture and personality you have created within your practice is evident on your website too.

I am guessing that you are reading this blog because you know you are an expert in your field of expertise, however, there may not be enough people who know about you or your practice. Or like many practitioners, you have been online for a while now and you understand the importance of making that great first impression but the website you have now just isn’t providing the results you are looking for. Whatever your situation, it is never too late to get it right.

I invite you to click on the home page of my website. There you will see a popup of the next available webinar. I run webinars monthly and provide as much information as I can without pushing you to buy. I believe in integrity first and always focus on providing as much value as I can with every piece of information I put out there, so don’t hesitate to join us on one of these webinars. Next, if you have any questions, you will see a message chat link, if you have marketing questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I am always happy to help where I can. Here’s to your online success!