The Marketing conference presented by Susan Robichaud was very dynamic, interactive and practical, which I really appreciated. We had the opportunity to share our experience related to marketing and ask specific questions, her answers were insightful and useful. There were many examples which made it really easy to follow and to understand we were all engaged. I would recommend these conferences to anyone who needs more information about social media and how to integrate marketing into the daily business routine of their private practice.

President of The Key Associates Inc.

The Marketing Engine Workshop was really great! Susan is energetic and has the ability to transform ideas into actionable tips and strategies which I was able to implement almost instantly. She asks the right questions and gets her audience to engage with her and the topic. Susan is an expert in digital marketing and it shows! After meeting her, it was a NO-BRAINER that the Emerging Practice "Marketing Engine" was the ideal option for my needs.

Susan gets right into the Direct Response aspect of Marketing, putting a lot of emphases on building and developing relationships through blogging, social media and email marketing as the key components to the session I attended. She gave some interesting actionable takeaways, some I had already implemented, however, I got some insights into a few minor shifts I could do in my own practice which saved me a ton of time and money. Susan was quite animated and created a fun learning environment with prizes that initiated even more participation.

Susan Robichaud is such a dynamic, engaging speaker, I could listen to her talk marketing for days! I was in the infancy stages of building my private practice when I first met Susan and I am really happy I attended her marketing workshop. It was a full day of inspiring ideas and easy to implement strategies that helped me put everything together for my new practice.